How to buy/sell?

First, buyer or seller creates an account. Then,

– signals interest to buy an artwork
– pays artwork as indicated on the website (in the currency of his/her choice) plus a transaction fee of 3.8%
– pays crating, shipping, taxes and insurance from Brussels to his/her location
– if not satisfied, US and EU citizens have 14 days to return the artwork back to Brussels and get a full refund (seller is not paid before this period)
– benefits from a 12 months guarantee on authenticity

– posts an artwork for sale, in Bitcoin only, on the website. Our team of experts is ready to help valuing any given work of art
– receives notification that an artwork is bought
– pays crating, shipping, taxes and insurance from his/her location to WeCoin88’s warehouse in Brussels
– receives Bitcoins for the artwork 14 days after receipt of the artwork by the Buyer

– makes sure artworks respect our investment-grade standards
– physically verifies artworks’ condition, pricing and authenticity
– provides advisory and assistance to shipping from and to Brussels.
– handles secured Bitcoin transactions
– guarantees authenticity of artworks during 12 months
– pays shipping, taxes and insurance to send back the artwork to seller if it does not match the platform’s standards of authenticity and condition