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Brussels, 28th of January, 2014

Tutela Capital SA, a company based in Brussels and specialized in art and finance, is delighted to launch WeCoin88.com, the first online art exchange – entirely priced in Bitcoins – to offer professional art services.
Acclaimed by many top art institutions, museums and art funds alike, Tutela Capital SA is in fact applying its skills towards the retail market with the introduction of WeCoin88. WeCoin88 is the first platform providing Bitcoin payments for artworks, combined with the services of an objective and professional art advisory board. Private collectors and occasional art buyers can benefit from the same knowledge as the art professionals thanks to state-of-the-art technology now made available. Bitcoins are a secured, swift, cost effective and liquid way of payment, gaining acceptance worldwide at a record pace. Moreover, WeCoin88 owns the electronic platforms and servers on which the systems run, increasing security of transactions.
Thanks to its financial and advanced technological skills, WeCoin88 is able to provide utmost cost effective service rates, charging the buyer with a fee of only 3.8%, leaving the seller without any transaction cost at all. This will change the attitude towards online art purchases and bolster online art transactions. Furthermore, WeCoin88’s team of experts constantly assesses quality and fair pricing on the platform. Besides, all artworks submitted are scrutinized and physically assessed by WeCoin88’s experts before they are shipped to the buyers.
For its launch, WeCoin88 offers more than 200 artworks, overall worth over 4500 BTC (>2.5mEUR). These include works from internationally praised artists such as “The Son”, an important work by Zhang Xiaogang, priced 956 Bitcoins, and “Flowers” by Zhou Chunya, crowned the best sold Chinese contemporary artist in 2013, priced at 243.50 Bitcoins. Other Chinese artists include Chen Wenbo and Wang Niandong. Contemporary African art is also represented with works by George Lilanga, Chéri Samba, Hassan Musa, Prince Twins Seven Seven etc. Photographs in Bitcoins are also currently available with works by Anton Solomoukha, Martial Lorcet or Miroslav Tichy.

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