Why work with WeCoin88?

WeCoin88 is the only platform entirely devoted to Bitcoin instant transactions in the art market. Nevertheless, there are much more reasons for working with us. Indeed, using WeCoin88 offers many other considerable advantages.

1. Security and discretion

Thanks to Bitcoin, heavy transaction fees and currency issues are over. Buying and selling art in Bitcoin allows a quicker turnover and a more liquid market place thanks to Bitcoin’s unmatched status of floating international currency. At WeCoin88, Bitcoin transactions are not outsourced to a third-party, they are handled on our own secured infrastructure, eliminating any counterparty risk you might have. Last but not least, transactions in Bitcoin allow for utmost discretion.

2. Experience
WeCoin88 is backed by Tutela Capital, an international art & finance boutique specialized in handling art transactions and managing art as an asset class in many currencies on behalf of private collectors and institutions. At all time, you can count on our experience to help you make a fair deal in the art market.

3. Trustworthiness

Artworks are scrutinized in our facilities by our team of specialists. Our very strict procedures make sure that we do our best to protect both buyers and sellers. Bitcoins are delivered to sellers only after confirmed’s buyer satisfaction. Furthermore, authenticity is guaranteed for a period of 12 months.

4. The right price and the right distribution network
Selling on WeCoin88 means accessing a deep, liquid market combining our existing customers and the entire Bitcoin community. Bitcoin owners are certain to seal a good deal with us as the platform encourages properly priced investment-grade art.

5. Costs
With a 3.8% buyer fee and no seller fee, we are the proud providers of the most advantageous solution yet we manage to deliver much higher standards than our peers. Our secret? A team of highly trained and experienced art & finance specialists and a deep desire to facilitate transactions in the art market.